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What is wall-to-wall carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpets, also known as ‘Moquette’ or ‘Broadloom Carpet’, is a flooring option that covers the entire floor, reaching from one wall to the opposite wall. Unlike conventional carpets or rugs, which are typically used to cover specific areas, wall-to-wall carpet serves distinct purposes and offers varied applications. For more information visit our ‘Wall-to-Wall Carpet: What You Should Know‘ article.

Tufted wall-to-wall carpets stand out as the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious, comfortable, and cost-effective flooring solution. In contrast to needle-felt wall-to-wall carpets, tufted carpets are crafted by inserting yarn into a backing material, resulting in a plush and durable surface capable of withstanding high levels of foot traffic.

Wall-to-wall carpets are mostly made of polyester and polypropylene; however, some may also include materials like polyethylene. It’s worth noting that polyester is better gained from recycling. Recycled polyester is obtained from recycling plastic bottles, contributing to a greener environment.

Opting for the right wall-to-wall carpet that suits your space is a crucial decision. It depends on your taste, the color of the walls, furniture, and other elements in the space. However, as always, technology comes to the rescue. There are some software applications that allow you to upload a picture of your area, and then you can test various flooring options online. Just google ‘Carpet Visualizer‘.

Wall-to-wall carpets can be vacuumed easily, just like regular carpets. There is no significant difference between maintaining and cleaning wall-to-wall carpets and rugs. For more information about cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet and stain removal, check out our article on ‘Cleaning a Wall-to-Wall Carpet: Vacuuming and Stain Removal‘.

The installation of wall-to-wall carpet is a delicate job and requires an expert, especially when it comes to installing commercial carpets. We strongly recommend having the job done by a skilled professional. However, if you’re looking for some general tips that you should know, visit our article ‘Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation: General Tips‘.

Yes, it’s possible, but it strongly depends on the existing flooring. Any defects such as damage, irregularities, and unevenness may cause serious problems. Additionally, the flooring should be smooth, clean, and low-pile.

Using wall-to-wall carpets offers numerous benefits. We have provided an article on the matter titled ‘Wall-to-Wall Carpets: Advantages You Should Know‘.

Absolutely yes. For instance, Zarif Carpets produces a wide variety of carpet types with green polyester obtained from recycling plastic bottles. ♻️

This is an extremely general question and depends on a wide range of factors such as the type of your wall-to-wall carpet, the conditions of your space, the amount of foot traffic, and many more. It should be noted that every carpet is suitable for a specific area; for example, a cut pile carpet isn’t appropriate for commercial spaces and is not expected to last for a long time. However, with proper care, you can expect a suitable carpet for your space to last for more than 15 years.

It’s highly recommended to have your wall-to-wall carpet installed by a skilled individual. In addition to skill, the job requires some special equipment. However, as a consumer, you may also find it helpful to know some general points provided in ‘Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation: General Tips‘.

In general, loop pile wall-to-wall carpets are more appropriate for commercial spaces like offices than residential ones as they provide more resistance against high foot traffic. Cut pile carpets, on the other hand, offer more softness, making them more suitable for homes. For further information about loop and cut pile carpets, check out our ‘Introduction to Tufted Wall-to-Wall Carpets‘ article.

There is no limitation to installing wall-to-wall carpet in a basement or on a concrete floor. Different types of flooring may require different pre-installation actions. For example, if your basement has unevenness, you need to repair it first.

This question revolves around a wide range of factors, such as the type of carpet, pile weight, total weight, design, raw material, and many more. However, in general, wall-to-wall carpet is a cost-effective flooring option compared to other solutions.

Anti-slip wall-to-wall carpet refers to a type of carpet that is designed with features to enhance traction and minimize the risk of slipping or sliding. This is particularly important in areas where safety is a concern, such as staircases, hallways, or other high-traffic zones.

To achieve anti-slip properties, manufacturers may incorporate specialized backing materials or treatments that improve the grip of the carpet on the underlying surface. This can help prevent accidents and enhance safety, making it suitable for environments where slipping hazards may be present. For more information, you can check out our article about ‘Anti-Slip Wall-to-Wall Carpet: A Secure Choice‘.

Yes, certainly! Just check out ‘Wall-to-Wall Carpet: What You Should Know‘. We have organized the article like a free training course, and you can follow it in the given order.

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