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Zarif Carpets is the export department of ZARIF MOSAVAR INDUSTRIES which was established in 1984 as the first needle felt carpet manufacturer in Iran. Initially, our primary carpet production capacity was 5,000,000 sqm annually. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include all kinds of wall-to-wall carpets, such as tufted, needle-felt, carpet tile, and artificial grass. Our current production capacity has reached 50,000,000 sqm, with plans to further increase to 70,000,000 sqm by 2025 as part of our developmental horizon. Besides the elevation of production capacity, Zarif Carpets has invariably been pursuing the variety in design, improvement of quality and compliance with the environmental requirements.

The company’s developmental horizon also had been including the management of supply chain from oil to intermediate goods to carpet. As a result the company is considered an active player in petrochemicals industry, as of today.

The products of Zarif Carpets include residential and commercial wall-to-wall; tufted pile carpets, needle-felt carpets, carpet tiles, artificial grasses and staple fibers. It is good to note that; Material, colorway and design is not considered a limitation at Zarif Carpets and the possibility to customize the product according to the customer’s taste is an advantage we pride in.

As of quality, we have invariably been committed to satisfy the needs of the people who have chosen our product as part of their decoration or surroundings.

Since the days of establishment, Zarif Carpets has been highly sensitive to the different harmful influences of the waste material to the environment. So besides reaching the waste production rate to almost zero, the pollution emission has been harshly controlled.

After forty years of being an active player in the market we believe that the mutual trust has been shaped between the company and its clients and our products are purchased with mind relief in the market.

Wall-to-wall Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular flooring option that covers an entire room from one wall to another, creating a seamless and cozy surface underfoot. This type of carpeting is known for its comfort, warmth, and noise-reducing properties, making it a common choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where a soft and inviting feel is desired.

One of the key advantages of wall-to-wall carpet is its ability to transform a room instantly. Whether you prefer a plush, luxurious feel or a more practical and stain-resistant option, there are various types and styles of wall-to-wall carpets to choose from. From classic neutral tones to vibrant patterns, homeowners can select carpets that match their aesthetic preferences and complement their interior decor.

In addition to its comfort, wall-to-wall carpeting provides insulation, helping to keep rooms warm during colder months. It also acts as a sound buffer, reducing noise levels by absorbing sound waves and creating a quieter environment. This makes it an excellent choice for households with children, pets, or in multi-story buildings where noise reduction is essential.

Zarif Carpets is the biggest manufacturer of wall-to-wall carpet in the Middle-East, producing all types of wall-to-walls such as tufted pile, needle-felt, carpet tile and artificial grass. You may want to explore our carpet by clicling on this link:

decotile10 carpet tile
Decotile 10
chaharbagh wall-to-wall carpet
Chahar Bagh
elegance wall-to-wall carpet

Staple Fiber

Staple fiber refers to natural or synthetic fibers that are manufactured in short, discrete lengths, as opposed to continuous filaments. These fibers are used in a wide range of applications, including textiles, carpets, upholstery, and non-woven fabrics. Staple fibers are created through processes like spinning, where fibers are twisted together to form yarns, which are then woven or knitted into fabrics.

Polyester and polypropylene staple fibers are essential components in a wide range of products, from clothing and home textiles to carpets, non-woven fabrics, and outdoor applications. Their unique characteristics make them valuable choices for manufacturers seeking materials that balance durability, functionality, and affordability in various industries.

For comprehensive details about Zarif Mosavar’s staple fiber, please visit our industrial website by clicking on this link.

What Sets Us Apart

Zarif Carpets holds a distinctive advantage in owning a petrochemical facility (Regal Petrochemical), allowing us to independently produce our raw materials. This capability lets us propose more competitive prices than our rivals.

Another key value at Zarif Carpets is our ability to annually manufacture 5,000,000 square meters of wall-to-wall carpets, making us the biggest manufacturer in the Middle East. This significant production capacity covers all types of wall-to-wall carpets, including needle-felt, tufted, carpet tile, and artificial grass, offering over 250 designs. Our product range is not limited to wall-to-wall; we also specialize in centerpiece carpets and staple fibers.

Beyond our petrochemical ownership, vast production capacity, and competitive pricing, the satisfaction of our customers with Zarif Carpets’ high-quality carpets remains our primary goal.

The Paris Quality Award