The Best Carpet for Exhibitions

The Best Carpet for Exhibitions

The Best Carpet for Exhibitions

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This article will specifically focus on The Best Carpet for Exhibitionswhich is part of Zarif Carpets‘ collection of articles related to wall-to-wall carpets. Discover more articles related to the subject on our ‘All About Wall-to-wall Carpet‘ page.

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What Is an Exhibition Carpet?

An exhibition carpet is designed specifically for covering the floors of exhibitions. These events typically experience high foot traffic, requiring a carpet with exceptional durability. Besides durability, a suitable exhibition carpet must be stain-resistant and easy to install. In the following sections, we will delve into the characteristics of a good wall-to-wall carpet for exhibitions:

What Type of Carpet Is The Best Carpet for Exhibitions?

Wall-to-wall carpets generally offer more durability and resistance compared to regular rugs and carpets. This is why they are the perfect option for exhibitions. But what type of wall-to-wall carpet is the most durable?

As we mentioned in the article ‘Types of Wall-to-wall Carpets‘, fitted carpets (wall-to-wall carpets) are divided into four main categories: tufted, needle-felt, carpet tiles, and artificial grass. Except for artificial grass, all other categories can be suitable for exhibitions. However, each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s delve deeper.

Carpet tiles may be the best choice for exhibitions as they offer a very high level of durability. However, they come with a higher price than other types of wall-to-wall carpets. Besides their durability, they are made of pieces that can be easily installed and uninstalled. If one piece is damaged, you only need to replace that piece instead of the entire carpet.

carpet tiles: perfect option for exhibitions

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Loop pile carpets are a subcategory of tufted carpets designed for high-traffic places like offices and exhibitions. They come at a lower price compared to carpet tiles with the same durability, but they are in rolls rather than pieces like carpet tiles, making them less easy to install and uninstall. If cost is your main concern for carpeting the exhibition, you can offer loop pile carpets and carpet tiles as good options for booth flooring.

Tufted carpets are categorized into two main categories including cut pile and loop pile, In the following two images, you can observe the structure of both loop and cut pile tufted carpets, gaining a clear understanding of the differences between these two primary subcategories of tufted wall-to-wall carpet:

cut-pile carpet structure

Cut Pile Carpet

loop pile carpet structure

Loop Pile Carpet

Another type of carpet suited for exhibitions is needle-felt carpet. Needle-felt carpets are made using a special technique called needle felting. In this process, synthetic fibers are mechanically entangled using barbed needles, creating a dense and durable carpet without the need for backing material.

Needle-felt carpets are quite durable, cost-effective, and a popular choice for exhibition, however, they don’t have the quality and durability of loop pile carpets and carpet tiles. They are in rolls, therefore installation would not be as easy as carpet tiles.

Considering the stain resistance aspect, carpet tiles and loop pile carpets, depending on their manufacturer, usually come with this feature but needle-felts carpets mostly are not stain resistant. 

Additionally, we recommend using a carpet with no patterns, as this will direct visitors’ focus towards the booths instead of the floor.

Zarif Carpets for Exhibitions

Zarif Carpets, the largest wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in the Middle East and one of the largest globally, produces high-quality, durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-install carpets of all types. Here are two carpets that are highly suitable for exhibitions. Visit our ‘Carpets Page‘ to explore our full range and filter them based on technical specifications:

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