Anti-Slip Wall-to-Wall Carpet: A Secure Choice

anti-slip wall-to-wall carpet

Anti-Slip Wall-to-Wall Carpet: A Secure Choice

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This article will specifically focus on anti-slip wall-to-wall carpet and is part of Zarif Carpets‘ collection of articles related to wall-to-wall carpets. Discover more articles related to the subject on our ‘All About Wall-to-wall Carpet‘ page.

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What Is Anti-Slip Wall-to-Wall Carpet?

Anti-slip wall-to-wall carpet refers to a type of carpet that is designed with features to enhance traction and minimize the risk of slipping or sliding. This is particularly important in areas where safety is a concern, such as staircases, hallways, or other high-traffic zones.

Why Is Anti-Slip Property Important?

It is common for some people to cover staircases with wall-to-wall carpet, and staircases can become hazardous if someone runs or walks quickly on them. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the carpet does not slip when someone is in motion. Neglecting this aspect may result in serious physical injuries. That was just one example of why we should use anti-slip carpets not only on stairs but also in all high-traffic areas.

How to Make a Wall-to-Wall Carpet Anti-Slip?

To achieve anti-slip properties, manufacturers may incorporate specialized backing materials or treatments that improve the grip of the carpet on the underlying surface. This can help prevent accidents and enhance safety, making it suitable for environments where slipping hazards may be present. The following image displays an anti-slip backing:

anti-slip wall-to-wall carpet - backing layer
Anti-Slip backing

As can be guessed, the anti-slip backing is an additional layer attached to the back of the carpet. This layer prevents the carpet from moving, securing it to the floor. The backing can be particularly effective, especially in preventing slips and physical injuries.

Zarif Carpets' Anti-Slip Backings

In Zarif Carpets, we produce anti-slip backing layers for our wall-to-wall carpets and attach the layer to the carpet according to the customer’s order. In the following video from our YouTube channel, we showcase our various types of anti-slip backing: