Zarif Mosavar: What We Offer?

Zarif Mosavar: What We Offer?

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In Zarif Mosavar, we offer a wide diversity of products, making us one of the largest holdings in Iran. Our range encompasses everything from wall-to-wall carpets to even rose flowers. In this article, we delve into introducing Zarif Mosavar as a versatile company:

Introduction of Zarif Mosavar

Zarif Mosavar Industries was established in 1984 as the first needle-felt carpet manufacturer in Iran. Initially, our primary carpet production capacity was 5,000,000 sqm annually. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include all kinds of wall-to-wall carpets, such as tufted, needle-felt, carpet tile, and artificial grass. Our current production capacity has reached 50,000,000 sqm, with plans to further increase to 70,000,000 sqm by 2025 as part of our developmental horizon.

Our company’s activities also include managing the supply chain from oil to intermediate goods to carpets. This expansion has positioned us as an active player in the petrochemical industry. However, this is just the beginning. In the following section, we introduce our diverse range of products:

Wall-to-wall Carpet

As mentioned, wall-to-wall carpets have been our initial and primary product since 1984. Zarif Mosavar began with manufacturing needle-felt carpets but gradually expanded its carpet range to include tufted carpets, carpet tiles, and artificial grass. Today, there are few people in Iran who haven’t heard about Zarif Mosavar. We have been active in the domestic market, offering quality wall-to-wall carpets for 40 years. As pioneers in the carpet industry, it has been an honor for us that the term “wall-to-wall carpet” is synonymous with Zarif Mosavar for many in Iran.

After a while, we began our export operations and developed our international brand as Zarif Carpets. At Zarif Carpets, we actively export our carpets to more than 10 countries, including neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as non-neighboring countries like Russia, Yemen, Libya, and Australia. You can explore our carpets and filter them based on material, usage, and other factors by clicking on this link.

Zarif Carpets' tufted carpet

Our carpets aren’t limited to just wall-to-wall types; we also offer overlocked centerpiece carpets and doormats. This innovation allows our customers to use our carpets in various areas of the home. For instance, centerpiece carpets make an ideal option for TV rooms.

Staple Fiber

Another primary product manufactured by Zarif Mosavar is Staple Fiber. If you’re unfamiliar with this product, consider checking out our article titled ‘Staple Fiber: What You Should Know‘. At Zarif Mosavar, staple fibers are made of polyester and polypropylene in various types, including virgin, recycled, and hollow. There are no limitations on fiber denier and cut length; we are able to adjust them based on the customer’s order, ranging from D2 to D3 for denier and 6 mm to 120 mm for cut length.

Like fitted carpets, our staple fibers also travel the world. In addition to serving the domestic market, Russia and Turkey are our main customers in this field. Staple Fiber is considered a raw material for many industries, including carpet, bedding, medical, construction, and more.

Concrete Staple Fibers

Petrochemical Products

Zarif Mosavar possesses a large petrochemical facility named Regal. In fact, this facility supplies the raw materials for manufacturing our wall-to-wall carpets and other products. Thanks to Regal, we are capable of producing wall-to-wall carpets at a high scale and capacity, allowing us to offer competitive prices compared to our competitors, as we provide our own raw materials.

Despite providing the raw materials for carpets, Regal offers a wide range of products such as BCF Yarn, XSBR Latex, Masterbatch, and Spin Finish Oil in both domestic and international markets.

Geotextile, Filter and Car Carpet

Geotextile is a synthetic textile material utilized in various civil engineering and construction projects due to its unique properties. Typically crafted from polypropylene or polyester fibers, although other materials such as polyethylene or polyamide may also be employed. ZarifTex, one of Zarif Mosavar’s brands, is actively engaged in providing geotextile, filters, and car carpets worldwide.

Bedding Products

Another subset brand of Zarif Mosavar is Lomana, specializing in manufacturing all types of bedding goods such as pillows, mattresses, blankets, towels, and more. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Lomana continues to redefine the standards of comfort and style in the realm of bedding goods, earning the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.

lomana bedding
lomana bedding


Alongside our robust industrial products, our management recognized the need for more delicate offerings, such as flowers. As a result, we established our own greenhouse named Nafis. In Nafis, we produce various flower-related products including flower boxes, eternal flowers, vase arrangements, and more. While we utilize a wide range of flowers in our products, roses are our primary focus.

Final Words

Zarif Mosavar’s product domain extends beyond the mentioned items; we produce everything we require, even ERP software. Additionally, we are in the process of establishing a steel production facility, which we expect to launch in about four years. The following video from the Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group channel on YouTube provides a brief overview of our business domain.