Staple Fibers

Raw Material

Staple Fibers

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Technical Specifications

All the specifications can be customized based on the customer's order:

Fiber Type:

Virgin & Recycled & Hollow

Fiber Material:

Polyester & Polypropylene

Denier Grade:


Cut Length:

6-120 mm


In the textile industry, “Fiber” refers to the basic unit of raw material from which textiles are made. Fibers are slender, thread-like structures that can be natural or synthetic. They are used to create yarns and fabrics. Staple fiber is a term used in the textile industry to describe a type of fiber that is relatively short in length compared to continuous filament fibers (staple fiber and filament fibers are opposite terms). These fibers are typically measured in inches or millimeters, whereas continuous filament fibers can be much longer, extending for thousands of meters. For detailed information about the staple fiber topic, check out our article titled “Staple Fiber: What You Should Know“.