Unique Carpet: an Absolute Soft Carpet

unique carpet

Unique Carpet: an Absolute Soft Carpet

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This article will specifically focus on Zarif Carpets’ Unique carpet and is part of the collection of articles related to Zarif Carpets‘ products. Discover more articles related to the subject on our ‘Carpet Introductions‘ page.

If you are not familiar with the topic of wall-to-wall carpet, we recommend checking out our guide ‘Wall-to-wall Carpets: What You Should Know‘ first.

Introduction to Unique Carpet

Unique Carpet is one of Zarif Carpets‘ newest and incredibly soft wall-to-wall carpets. In recent months (as of January 2024, when this article is being written), Unique has garnered many fans. Its main characteristics include softness, luxurious design, high-quality filament pile, substantial pile weight compared to the backing, and a variety of color options.

unique carpet

Unique Carpet for Bedrooms

Unique is exceptionally soft, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Its high level of softness may even lead to a surprising discovery – your child may find it so comfortable that they end up sleeping on it after playing for long hours, much like a mattress.

Unique Carpet for TV Rooms

While Unique carpet is commonly used as a wall-to-wall carpet, it can also serve as a centerpiece carpet. Zarif Carpets manufactures Unique in two types: the regular wall-to-wall carpet and the centerpiece overlocked carpet, based on the customer’s order.

More about an Overlocked Carpet
An overlocked carpet refers to a carpet that has undergone a finishing process known as overlocking. Overlocking involves the stitching or binding of the raw edges of a carpet to prevent fraying and unraveling. This process typically uses a heavy-duty stitching technique, often with a matching or contrasting thread, to secure and reinforce the edges of the carpet.

Unique Carpet as a Durable Carpet

The pile of the Unique carpet is composed of filaments, which significantly enhance the durability and sustainability of the carpet. Unique carpet possesses approximately five times more filaments than our other carpets. In addition to durability, the filaments also contribute to enhancing the softness of the carpet.

More About the Filaments
In the context of carpets, a filament refers to a long, continuous strand of synthetic material used in constructing carpet fibers. Filaments provide durability, helping the carpet resist pressure and making it resistant to both dynamic and static electronic charges.

Colors of Unique Carpet

Unique carpet comes in six colors, including beige, cream, crystal, gray, and more. You can find all the colors in the following image:

Technical Specifications of Unique Carpet

Unique is a cut-pile tufted wall-to-wall carpet made of polyester with a 1/10 gauge and high pile density. Its dye method is solution-dyed, meaning the color of the carpet originates from the color of each pile; there is no printed design on it. The pile height is 20 mm with a 0.5 mm tolerance, and both the pile weight and the total weight are 2100 and 3250 (g/sqm) respectively, with a 100 g tolerance as well. You can also visit Unique’s technical page by clicking here.

Introduction Video of Unique Carpet

In the following video from our YouTube channel, we delve into our Unique carpet in more detail: