Royal Carpet: A Versatile Wall-to-wall Carpet

royal carpet

Royal Carpet: A Versatile Wall-to-wall Carpet

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This article will specifically focus on Zarif Carpets’ Royal carpet and is part of the collection of articles related to Zarif Carpets‘ products. Discover more articles related to the subject on our ‘Carpet Introductions‘ page.

If you are not familiar with the topic of wall-to-wall carpet, we recommend checking out our guide ‘Wall-to-wall Carpets: What You Should Know‘ first.

Introduction to Royal Carpet

Royal is one of Zarif Carpets’ best-selling tufted carpets, available in over 26 colors. This wall-to-wall carpet caters to a wide range of tastes, featuring a psychological design that has been approved by many skilled interior designers. The carpet is offered in two main categories: simple and classic.

simple royal carpet
Simple Royal
classic royal carpet
Classic Royal

As seen in the images above, the Simple Royal features a single color throughout, making it easy to integrate with the existing interior. On the other hand, the Classic Royal is crafted with two different color piles. The Simple Royal is highly recommended for minimal and modern interiors, whereas the Classic Royal, as its name suggests, complements old-fashioned and classic spaces. Both carpets offer a range of benefits, including simplicity, beauty, durability, a long lifespan, and many other options.

Technical Specifications of Royal

The Simple Royal is a cut-pile tufted wall-to-wall carpet made of Polypropylene with a 1/8 gauge. Its dye method is solution-dyed, meaning the color of the carpet originates from the color of each pile; there is no printed design on it. The pile height is 9 mm with a 0.5 mm tolerance, and both the pile weight and the total weight are 850 and 1900 (g/sqm) respectively, with a 0.5 g tolerance as well.

The Classic Royal shares the same technical specifications as the Simple Royal. The only distinction between these two carpets is in the pile. As mentioned earlier, the Simple Royal is crafted with a single-color pile, while the Classic Royal features a two-color pile:

simple Royal pile
Simple Royal pile
classic Royal pile
Classic Royal pile

As said, the raw material for these two carpets is Polypropylene. This material has low moisture absorption, making the carpets particularly suitable for use in kitchens.

Additionally, these carpets come with felt backings that provide insulation against both heat, cold and sound.

For more details and to view all the available colors, you can visit the following pages: Royal and Royal Classic.

Advantages of Royal Carpet

In addition to low moisture absorption and insulation against both heat and cold, the Royal family stands out as a highly cost-effective wall-to-wall carpet among Zarif Carpets’ products. This family offers a wide range of uses, including in kitchens, children’s rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Final Words

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