Interview with Mahshad Bazdar: Why Wall-to-wall Carpet?

Interview with Mahshad Bazdar

Interview with Mahshad Bazdar: Why Wall-to-wall Carpet?

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This article will specifically focus on Zarif Carpets‘ interview with Eng. Mahshad Bazdar and is part of our collection of articles related to expert interviews. Explore more articles on the subject on our ‘Expert Interviews‘ page.

In the following interview, we will ask Mohsen some questions about wall-to-wall carpet and its role in the world of designers. If you are not familiar with the topic of wall-to-wall carpet, we recommend checking out our guide ‘Wall-to-wall Carpets: What You Should Know‘ first.

Who is Mahshad Bazdar?

Eng. Mahshad Bazdar is one of the sophisticated architects and interior designers in Tehran, having completed numerous projects across the country. Mahshad holds a master’s degree in architecture and believes that customer’s taste is a top priority in every interior and exterior design.

We invited Mahshad to join us for a short interview to discuss the current position of moquette and its importance in today’s designer’s world:

Usage of Wall-to-wall Carpet

The first question we asked was: In what spaces do you use wall-to-wall carpet?

New generations of wall-to-wall carpets have a wide range of design and color variety, this gives us many options to use moquette in almost all projects with different design styles.

Impact of Wall-to-wall Carpet

The next question we asked was: What impacts do these carpets have on the area?

As I mentioned, wall-to-wall carpets, due to their design and color variety, can make the area seem warmer and more beautiful. They are suitable for both commercial and residential spaces, such as offices and bedrooms, especially children's rooms. Wall-to-wall carpets, with their soft texture and variety of colors, are perfect options for children's rooms, especially those with neutral colors (like pink). In summary, we can use this kind of carpet in any interior design projects.

Carpet Tiles

The next question we asked was: What is your opinion about carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles facilitate the design process for both designers and customers, especially in kitchens and offices, because you can easily remove a damaged tile and replace it with a new one.

Color of Moquette

The next question we asked was: What impacts does the color of a wall-to-wall carpet have on the area?

According to the design style used in a project, such as classic, modern, etc., as well as the color of furniture and other elements, and the customer's taste, we decide on the color to be used for the carpet. For example, it's common to use dark colors like gray and brown in commercial spaces. Essentially, bright colors make the area seem bigger and more spacious while dark colors make the area seem smaller. As I mentioned earlier, choosing a carpet highly depends on the customer's taste.

People's Opinion About Moquette

The last question we asked was: How has people’s opinion about wall-to-wall carpet changed from the past to now?

In previous generations of wall-to-wall carpet, we didn't have much variety in designs and colors, they had a rough texture as well. Nowadays, with the production of high-quality and diverse carpets, we are able to use a wide range of designs and colors tailored to the customer's taste in our projects. Recent days, we have more options compared to the past, especially with carpet tiles, which are very easy for customers to replace in case of damage.

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