Interview with Dr. Mohsen Ansari: Why Wall-to-wall Carpet?

Interview with Dr. Mohsen Ansari: Why Wall-to-wall Carpet?

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This article will specifically focus on Zarif Carpetsinterview with Dr. Mohsen Ansari and is part of our collection of articles related to expert interviews. Explore more articles on the subject on our ‘Expert Interviews‘ page.

In the following interview, we will ask Mohsen some questions about wall-to-wall carpet and its role in the world of designers. If you are not familiar with the topic of wall-to-wall carpet, we recommend checking out our guide ‘Wall-to-wall Carpets: What You Should Know‘ first.

Who is Mohsen Ansari?

Dr. Mohsen Ansari is one of the best architects and interior designers in Mashhad and Tehran, Iran’s two major cities, having completed numerous projects across the country. Mohsen holds a PhD degree in architecture and believes that expertise and business knowledge are two key factors in expanding one’s business. He emphasizes that alongside architecture, having business knowledge is essential as it serves as the right tool to introduce one’s expertise and value. In summary, it is a tool to get projects and earn money.

We invited Mohsen to join us for a short interview to discuss the current position of moquette and its importance in today’s designer’s world:

Wall-to-wall Carpet Current Position

The first question we asked was: What is the position of wall-to-wall carpet among architects and customers? How do you perceive its popularity and demand in today’s market?

I believe that wall-to-wall carpets have matured significantly in recent years, This growth led them to not be removed like some other materials. Many wall-to-wall carpet manufacturers in Iran have updated their products to meet the needs of customers. Nowadays, moquette has become a desirable option for both consumers and designers.

Characteristics of a Good Moquette

The next question we asked was: What are the most important characteristics that define a good wall-to-wall carpet?

Customers often compare moquettes with similar floor coverings like ceramic, They expect quality. As designers, we expect variety. Quality and variety include a range of specific characteristics, but generally speaking, they are the most important factors for both customers and designers.

Usage of Wall-to-wall Carpet

The next question we asked was: Where do you typically recommend using wall-to-wall carpets? In what types of spaces do you find them most suitable?

Moquette, like other similar materialshas, has no limitations in use, It can be utilized in many areas, specially residential spaces. Wall-to-wall carpets, because of their warm sensation, can be replaced with other similar materials; of course, quality is a top priority.

Why Zarif Carpets?

The last question we asked was: Why Zarif Carpets? And what comes to mind when you think of Zarif Carpets?

As an Iranian individual, Zarif Carpets is very familiar to me. I remember its old, wonderful TV advertisements, which give nostalgic feelings. I have observed the high-quality and variety of Zarif Carpets in many projects, and it's been wonderful to see how these factors have expanded our options.

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