Interview with Ehsan Fooladfar: Export Strategies

Interview with Ehsan Fooladfar: Export Strategies

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This article will specifically focus on Zarif Carpets‘ interview with Eng. Ehsan Fooladfar and is part of our collection of articles related to expert interviews. Explore more articles on the subject on our ‘Expert Interviews‘ page.

In the following interview, we will ask Ehsan some questions about Zarif Carpets’ export development and strategies. If you are interested in the carpet export field or managing a sales team, join us in this article:

Who is Ehsan Fooladfar?

Zarif Mosavar (with the international brand name Zarif Carpets) has been manufacturing wall-to-wall carpets in Iran for more than 40 years. Today, Zarif Mosavar is the largest fitted carpet (wall-to-wall carpet) manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East, and one of the largest in the world. The company began exporting wall-to-wall carpets and staple fibers about 10 years ago. Although Zarif Carpets had two other export managers during this time period, Ehsan is considered the greatest one.

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Thanks to his knowledge and experience, we have witnessed numerous improvements, such as exporting to new countries like Russia, Austria, the Philippines, Italy, Yemen, Kenya and Turkey, optimizing the export process in a cost-effective manner, utilizing digital approaches like digital marketing and AI, and many more enhancements. 

Ehsan Fooladfar

Current Position of Zarif Mosavar in Exports

The first question we asked was: ‘What is the current position of Zarif Mosavar in exports?’

Our products are currently being exported to five continents, and we are working to develop our markets even further. Traders from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Oman, Kenya, Yemen, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, the UAE, the Philippines, and Libya are our active customers.

Market Developments

The next question we asked was: ‘What is your plan to develop your markets?

In this field, we have heavy competition with companies from China and Turkey. I believe our product quality is higher than theirs, and with a suitable pricing strategy, we can penetrate markets even further.
Our main strategy in 2024 is to support our representatives and make new contracts with trading companies in target countries. Additionally, market-based pricing, a focus on retailers, digital marketing, and market-based production are our other strategies.

Raw Materials Export

The next question we asked was: ‘What is the key factor in raw materials export?

Market research of potential markets, suitable brand positioning strategy, market-based pricing, and collaborating with trading companies are the most important factors in raw materials export.

Event Participation

The last question we asked was: ‘What is your plan for participating in exhibitions?

Participating in exhibitions as an exhibitor in countries like Turkey and the UAE, and as a visitor in China and Germany, helps develop Zarif Carpets' markets. This has always been one of our main strategies.

Final Words

In this interview, we spoke with Ehsan Fooladfar, the export manager of Zarif Mosavar, who has successfully expanded the global markets for Zarif Mosavar’s wall-to-wall carpets and staple fibers. We discussed his plans and strategies for the future. Connect with him and reach out through his LinkedIn profile by clicking here.