Zarif Mosavar Hermes carpet

Hermes tufted (long lint) Zarif Mosavar carpet, a unique product, very soft, dense, exquisite, and with a special coloring that was introduced to the market in 2018. In Hermes carpet, PP or dense polypropylene thread (1/10 gauge), lint height (18 mm), and weight (2800 g / m2) are used.

Zarif Mosavar Hermes carpet usage

Offering Hermes products in both rolled and round embroidered forms made it possible to use it in a variety of spaces, from bedrooms to spaces such as TV ROOM, under the dining table, between sports or classic home furniture, lobbies, bedrooms, Bathroom lobby, etc.

The special variety of colors along with the exquisite nature of this carpet causes it’s adding to make a difference in any decoration in that space.

Hermes, like all tufting products (long lint), is an excellent insulator for cold and heat. In maternal experiences with Hermes, it is normal for children to fall asleep on Hermes carpet after Cheerfulness and daily games, because this carpet is like a soft and cozy mat for a baby.

Maybe your first concern in the Hermes product is staining it, but it should be said that this is not a big concern, if you have read the method of washing and cleaning the carpet infrequently asked questions, you will surely forget this concern and will choose your favorite carpet safely.