How We Use AI in the Carpet Industry

ai in the carpet industry

How We Use AI in the Carpet Industry

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At Zarif Carpets, as the biggest wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in the Midle East, we always seek more efficient ways to proceed our processes.  AI has been able to assist us in many different fields, therefore we decided to talk about it. in this article, we delve into How We Use AI in the carpet industry

Carpet Industry and AI

The carpet industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. It dates back to prehistoric times when humans made floors more comfortable with plants or animal skins. As we mentioned in our wall-to-wall carpet history article, there is a long history of how we reached today’s rugs and wall-to-wall carpets.

On the other hand, AI is relatively a new technology, ofcourse, some machine learning algorithms have been around for decades but many of us became familiar with AI only in the past few years (as of 2024, when this article is being written), now the question is how do these old and young industries get along? In the following sections, you can explore the topics where we use AI:

Content Creation

The first and foremost subject is content creation. For example, when our digital marketing expert, Milad, writes an article about wall-to-wall carpets or staple fibers, AI assists him as a complementary tool to create, edit, and gather information, resulting in better content.

Another notable usage is that some AI tools help you create images and videos as well as text. This great feature allows the company to save a significant amount of time and money.

Apart from text and images, AI assists us in finding suitable ideas for content creation. Sometimes our digital marketing team feels frustrated and does not know what to create, but then AI saves us with brilliant content ideas.

ai in the carpet industry assisting in digital marketing

Event Participation

At Zarif Carpets, we attend many domestic and international events like exhibitions yearly. Before AI, we relied on our experience and brainstorming to make decisions on various subjects. For instance, when we planned to attend Domotex 2022 in Turkey, we conducted many meetings with colleagues and experts to answer questions like: How should our booth look? What uniforms should we choose for our employees? What kind of advertisements, such as images, videos, and invitation texts, should we create? And many other questions.

Nowadays, we still have the same concerns, but fortunately, there is a third tool available. Thanks to AI, we can make decisions about event participation with more confidence. It assists us in booth design, selecting uniforms, creating invitations, and many other subjects.

Organizational Knowledge

With AIs like ChatGPT, we can create custom chatbots that contain our company’s knowledge and experiences. This knowledge is invaluable, as it accelerates many tasks. These chatbots retain our knowledge and use it to address questions related to the company.

For example, at Zarif Carpets, we offer over 500 designs of wall-to-wall carpet, each with its own technical specifications. Our personnel need to access these specifications daily, and searching for this data in our catalog or production datasheets can be time-consuming. To proceed this process, we developed a GPT-based chatbot with our organizational knowledge. This chatbot can provide the specifications and other insights about our carpets for our staff.

Data Analysis

Each company possesses its own sets of data, containing valuable insights. Nowadays, AI can efficiently extract insights from our organizational data in more effectively ways than traditional methods. It’s crucial for us to use this technology to stay updated with our data flow.

Here we utilize AI to analyze data for purposes such as sales forecasting and production planning.

Does AI Threaten Our Jobs?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no— it depends on us. We believe AI can serve as an assistant rather than a replacement for employees. It’s crucial to learn how to utilize it to enhance your performance at work and learn new skills. There’s no doubt that AI will continue to progress and become an even greater gamechanger, so it’s important to learn how to use it before it’s too late.

Final Words

In this article, we described the usage of AI in the carpet industry. However, as you know, AI has no limitations. We strongly recommend getting more familiar with AI in your field. Remember that AI includes not only websites like ChatGPT or Midjourney, but you can also implement related and suitable machine learning algorithms on your data to gain wonderful insights.