Zarif Mosavar Sydney carpet

Sydney is one of the Zarif Mosavar tufting carpets (long lint) and is one of the most ordered and most popular long lint carpets in Iran, which has been able to become the flooring of many houses in recent years, and also Sydney carpet Has been welcomed in export markets as a simple and stylish product.

Delicate illustrated Sydney carpet color

The Sydney model has three color subsets (1) monochrome Sydney, (2) Sport Sydney, (3) Classic Sydney. In the monochrome or simple Sydney model, all threads are the same color and have a light cream spectrum, to brown.

In the Sport Sydney model, the Sydney yarn texture is two colors, and this issue causes a beautiful play of yarn color on the wide surface of the carpet.

In the classic Sydney model, lameh yarn (gold yarn) is added to the monochrome yarn and makes the texture more luxurious and shiny. These yarns, especially in decorative spaces, make the floor flourish more.

The high variety of Sydney products provides the best choices for consumers.

Fibers, textures, and specifications of Zarif Mosavar Sydney carpet

The type of cut texture, the use of pp polypropylene thread, the height of the lint (18 mm) and the density of the fabric (5/32), and the appropriate weight (2300 g / m) have caused this product to create different softness and warmth in the atmosphere, plus Sydney due to Its attractive coloring can be easily set with different decorations.

Other benefits of Sydney carpet

Another advantage of Sydney is its sound and heat insulation property. The thickness of the carpet is such that its use, especially in areas where the floor is cold, will play an effective role in maintaining the space temperature. Also due to this thickness and suitable underlay, It is an excellent insulator to prevent sound and noise from passing through the floor surfaces. Sound insulation is especially important in today’s apartments.

Zarif Mosavar Sydney carpet usage

The main use of Sydney carpet is in the bedroom, especially as a child’s bedroom carpet or even living spaces, it should be noted that the type of Sydney thread is PP, so use of Sydney in high-traffic areas or places where are to be stepped on by shoes is not recommended because it will be possible to be pounded over time. Cleaning Sydney carpet is very simple, just follow the instructions in the FAQ section to clean the carpet as soon as possible after staining, so mothers can choose Sydney safely.