Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are multilayer carpets cut into standard squares which are composed of a pile, as the top layer, and a PVC or bituminous base, as the bottom layer.

The pile layer can be in the form of cut or loop.

The bottom layer is resilient, durable, ensures stable bond of the material to the floor and eliminates the risk of slipping. They facilitate the fitting of individual modules with each other, during installation, as well.

As used as an important part of decoration of the places we spend long hours of our everyday work life, it is important to feel good in the office. Carpet tiles induce the feelings of warmth, coziness and convenience.

They are remarkable as for heat insulation and sound absorbing characteristics. In addition, carpet tiles are applicable on different types of surfaces previously prepared. Keeping in mind the slipping risk of many types of floorings, may be an important characteristic is that carpet tiles decrease the risk of slipping.

Some other benefits of carpet tiles include: easy care; durability; resilience; wear resistance; easy cleaning; easy transportation; easy installation; easy dismantling or reusing; easy replacement of damaged items and areas; allowing to create unique design projects; antistatic properties; being dirt repellant; easy restoration of dents from furniture legs; low wastage.

Carpet tiles are applicable both, for office spaces with high traffic and also for private houses and apartments. It is a good choice for places with complex geometry, because the installation of small squares is easier than the installation of a one-piece canvas. In addition, carpet tiles are applicable on surfaces previously prepared, such as concrete, vinyl, laminate, wood, etc. They are also applicable in buildings with underfloor heating. Our carpet tiles are as below:

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