Different Types of carpet fibers and their specifications

The fibers used in the carpet industry can be divided into two general categories, Natural fibers and synthetic fibers (synthesized). Natural fibers are generally referred to as those that are made of wool. In contrast, synthetic or synthesized fibers have a larger variety and more different properties. For example, carpet made of polyester fibers is more resistant to mold growth and Absorption of pollution. In addition to the fibers used in the carpet, the technology used in the production of the carpet also affects the quality of the carpet. Among the characteristics of carpet and its fibers, we can mention the durability of color, the ability to maintain thickness and not being hammered, resistance to the growth of fungi and insects, and maintaining quality against sunlight.

Acrylic fibers

Acrylic carpet fibers are among the group of synthesized and synthetic fibers that have huge similarities to wool and natural fibers. Acrylic fibers do not generate static electricity, and if your cup of tea falls on these carpets, you do not need to worry about the tea color remaining on the carpet fibers. But keep in mind that if you have a crowded environment, this type of carpet is not suitable for crowded places due to the lower resistance of these fibers to Contusion.

Polyamide fibers

Polyamide carpets are one of the highest quality types of carpets, which is the most popular type of carpet fibers due to their high resistance to abrasion, insect and mold growth, trace, rot, and many chemicals. Polyamide fibers can be easily dyed to any color and have a high color diversity. Polyamide carpet, due to its easy and quick cleaning is suitable for both home and commercial use. The high durability of this type of carpet fibers, despite the relatively higher price, has made this type of carpet a suitable option for long-term use.

Polyester fibers

Polyester fibers have a significant effect on beautifying the environment due to their soft and light texture. polyester carpets are not allergenic and very resistant to growing mold and fungi. However, it should be considered that this type of carpet fibers should not be used in public places or special places that are exposed to sunlight.

Wool fibers

The most luxurious material of carpet is the one with wool fibers. Wool fibers are extremely durable and the thickness of the wool carpet remains constant over time. Wool fibers are naturally absorbent of moisture, so you must be very careful not to spill liquids on them. The sensitivity of this type of fiber to chemical abstergents makes it very difficult to maintain this type of carpet. This type of carpet needs high maintenance due to its susceptibility to insect growth and is not suitable for crowded places. Wool carpets do not have many customers inside Iran due to difficult maintenance conditions and high cost, and therefore carpet brands do not include this type of product in their product portfolio.

Propylene fibers

Propylene or olefin fibers are synthetic fibers of the alkyne family. This type of carpet fiber, due to its reasonable price, is a good choice for crowded places and even sport places. They are very resistant to moisture and water, but their average life is shorter than other carpet fibers. Due to the reasonable price, this type of carpet can be used in places that need visual diversity.

Zarif Mosavar brand, by analyzing the needs and tastes of Iranian patrons, has been able to produce different types of carpets with the highest quality for different uses and provide it to its customers.