Advantages of carpet compared to other types of flooring

It is undeniable that carpet is an inseparable part of any interior design and an option as a suitable floor to personify the different spaces of a house, official or commercial place; But really, why, despite the passage of Continuous years and the entrance of new materials in the flooring industry, carpet still has not lost its place.

Today, carpets made in Iran are produced by large companies such as Zarif Mosavar according to international standards, and this has caused the carpet to be more and more introduced as a suitable floor to personify different spaces. In the continuation of this short article, we will go through some of the factors according to which carpet is still a reliable option to choose for flooring:

Various colors and designs

One of the most important points when choosing the right flooring is its beauty and charm. Carpets are produced in different designs and colors thanks to the development of new technologies and innovations. The advantage of carpet in the field of diversity is that unlike other types of flooring, carpet has a high ability to be painted and designed because of being produced of soft fibers. This means that in choosing a carpet as a floor, you can consider many options and choose the color and design of the carpet according to the type of decoration you want.

Cozy atmosphere

Compared to other common flooring, the carpet has a warmer and softer texture. A property not found in any other flooring, including stone, ceramic, and parquet. its insulation also helps to keep the floor warm during the cold seasons and does not feel cold when you walk on it. On the other hand, quality carpet has a soft and dense texture, which makes walking on them more pleasant and provides better comfort to your space.

By using carpet, you won’t be worried about slipping

The density and texture of the carpet cause more frictional force to be produced between the surface of the carpet and the objects on it. If you have young children at home, carpet is the best option for you; Because with this type of flooring, you will no longer worry about your children slipping, and also the softness of the carpet will prevent the babies from being injured if they fall.

Carpet, affordable flooring, economical, and easy to install

When we look at the wide range of flooring used in the construction industry, we find that among the common types of flooring, carpet is an available flooring, and unlike other types of flooring, after selecting the desired design and color in a short time can be installed and operated in the desired location.

Due to the lower cost per square meter than other types of flooring, the use of carpet can also reduce the cost of design and execution of decoration while maintaining quality and beauty.

It is also important to mention that in order to change the partial decoration of houses, the use of carpet in different parts of the space is also one of the basic strategies.

Zarif Mosavar brand has studied the needs of Iranian society and also considering international standards and criteria, has produced a variety of quality and standard carpets. No more worrying about covering the floor of your home or office with Zarif Mosavar carpets.